Do Women Live Longer in Nature?

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According to a new study, when women live in nature they live longer.

When someone is in the natural environment, the stress is reduced and the increase in social and physical activity keeps people healthier.

But the main purpose of the study was to get insight into the relationship between "residential greenness and mortality". The study was conducted on 108,630 women between 2000 and 2008.  Of these women, 8,604 died during the study.  Different factors were considered such as age, race, smoking, and socioeconomic status.  It was discovered that of the women, those that were within 250m of greenery near their homes, they had a lower rate of all-cause-non-accidental mortality.

The conclusion of the research was that high levels of green vegetation have a contribution in decreasing mortality rates for women. These results are quite important in modern times since more and more people are living in urban areas. However, there is a question that still arises: why less greenery means less social activity? One answer would be that nowadays people spend a lot of time in their car or behind a computer monitor. Less physical and social activity could potentially lead to depression.


From now on, just think about this: how much time do you spend outside every day? If you wish to live a healthy and happy life, try to surround yourself with nature every day.

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