Seeking Food In The Back Yard Forest: Jessie and Alyssa Show Us What They Found!

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"When Jesse and I talk about becoming self-sufficient, we’re not just talking about producing our own power via solar panels, having our own water supply and having our own garden. We want to be self-sufficient on a deeper level and one of the things we desire to do is have the skills and ability to go out in our big backyard and survive, at least on a basic level of being able to feed ourselves.

Not only do we wish to strengthen our survival skills, but there is an abundance of food in the forest today that we can take advantage of to lower our grocery bill, mainly in the form of fruit."

Who knew that there are a ton of edible plants in this beautiful wilderness?
Who knew that there are a ton of edible plants in this beautiful wilderness?

"For the past week, Jesse and I have dropped everything we were doing to forage for wild food and fruit in the forest. Not only did we pick gallons of fruit, but we learned to preserve it for months and seasons to come.

In this post, we wish to share with you some of the things we’ve been gathering and what we’ve done with them. We hope this inspires you to look around your forests and neck of the woods to see what you can find to both lower your grocery bill, increase your food quality, and strengthen your preservation skills if they need working on!"

Go on to their blog:  Pure Living for life to read the rest of the post, and learn what to do with all those berries!


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